Keep track of
important deadlines

What will happen if you miss an appeal deadline? Our application provides convenient calendar and reminders. It syncs with smartfons and tablets so you are always up to date. Matters24 makes sure you will never miss any important deadline.

Save time
generating bills

How do you value one hour of your work? Matters24 saves up to 8 hours per month on generating bills and other administrative tasks. Creating a professional invoice takes less than a minute. It is up to you what to do with the extra time.

Increase quality of
customer service

How not to lose the key clients in times of high market competition? With Matters24 your clients have access to Client Portal and get automatic notifications. This way you boost customer satisfaction and offer added value comparing to the competition.


Thanks to matters24 I save up to 8 hours per month generating bills.- Lukasz Bazanski, BSLegal

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