In our application, you can find all the most important features which help lawyers manage their day-to-day work.


In Matters, your every employee has his or her electronic calendar, which automatically synchronizes with his or her phone.


Electronic calendar notifies you about every important date in the form of an email or pop-up reminder on the phone.


All dates entered on a computer sync with calendar built-in a phone.

Calendars sharing

A calendar can be shared with a secretary or an assistant, thanks to which they can always enter important date or meeting.


In the application, you have access to the precise index, in which you can arrange all your cases logically, and you can find them afterward easily.

Cases index

Every case conducted by a law firm can be conveniently sorter, according to any criteria, e.g., by client’s name or case nature.


In the application, you can quickly search for every case, by its signature, surname or any keyword.


You can attach any date, scanned document, file or spending to every case.


Our application has an email client built-in, which allows you to receive and send email messages without the need to exit the application.


Every email sent from our application appears in Outlook or any other email clients integrated with the application.

Attachments to cases

Any content or attachment received in email can be assigned to any case featured in the system.

Assigning tasks

With just one click you can convert an email to a task and set its deadline.


W Sprawach możesz łatwo rejestrować przychodzące i wychodzące dokumenty, dzięki czemu zawsze masz porządek i pewność, że żadna korespondencja nie umknie Twojej uwadze.

Correspondence register

Every received and sent letter are located in one place, thanks to that, you can find them easily.

Institutions and governmental bodies listing

There is an up-to-date listing of organizations and administrative offices, which saves much time while adding entries.

Mail sent register

You can automatically generate the mail-sent log, which allows for avoiding of manually filling mail records.

Other features


Control over work performance thanks to convenient to-do list


Address book accessible to every employee.


very documents and scan in private cloud.


Automatically generated invoices and payment monitoring.

Search engine

Easy search for information with any keyword.

Registration of working time

Simple register of working hours and spendings.


Professional reports regarding working time, incomes and cases.


Setting access authorization of employees to settlements and confidential documents.

Client portal

Access for clients to chosen information along with notifications.

Analytic tools

There are accurate statistics of cases profitability, clients, and employees.

Access from every place

Access to every information at home, in a court or at client’s premises.

Swiss security

Your date is in the most secure data center in the world.

Mobile version

Remote work with the application on your smartphone or tablet.


Entered date or contact will automatically appear on your phone.

Simplicity of use

Working with the application does not require time-consuming training.

Technical support

Professional technical support through phone, email, and chat.

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