Swiss security

We store your data in one of the most secure data centers in the world, located in Zurich and used by Swiss banks.


Matters system stores all data in Switzerland because of its strict legal regulations regarding confidentiality and protection of data. Thanks to that, your client’s information are covered with maximum secrecy, while you meet requirements of personal data regulations and you keep confidentiality of your client’s data.


Servers of our company are located in Zurich, strictly protected data center operated by Equinix, leading collocation services provider in the world. The data center has been awarded security certificates including ISO 27001, FACT and FEMA (Swiss financial market supervision administrative body) for the usage of Swiss banks.


Matters system encodes data with SSL certificate developed by Swiss company SwissSign, with a length of 2014 bits key. SwissSign is a subsidiary company of Swiss Mail. As a result, it is a warrantor of complete confidentiality of data. Encoding software has been made in 100% in Switzerland.

We have the most outstanding security certificates. Protect your data today.